January Training Modules from RangeForce

At RangeForce, we continually expand our training coverage to match the needs of cybersecurity pros. Our January release includes five new Security Operations (SOC) Track Modules. This release marks a milestone as our training module count now stands at 102 and 78 hours of training content. Here are our newest training modules:

Security Operations Track – Privilege Escalation Misconfigured PATH
Learn about PATH and the difference between absolute and relative directory references. This module highlights the risks that can come along with not using direct path references.

Security Operations Track – IDS/IPS Suricata IDS Rules
The follow-on module to Suricata Basics, once started, it’s time to write rules to detect malicious activity. You will learn how to create alerts and rules to identify threats in network traffic.

Security Operations Track – IDS/IPS Suricata Rule Management
 You learned how to write a rule in the previous lab (IDS/IPS: Suricata Basics), now it is time to learn how to manage your ruleset, keeping it updated and fresh. 

Security Operations Track – Security Tool Nmap
 Learn how to use the venerable port scanning application ‘nmap.’ Find hosts on your network, detect open ports, and learn how to fingerprint hosts.

Security Operations Track – Regular Expressions
 In this scenario-based module, learn how to write regular expressions to help screen out fake registrations for a website.