Persistent Training

Web Application Security Skills. Sharpened monthly.

How it works

60% of the training is forgotten in one week. A new vulnerability is found every day. Learning security is a continuous process.


Take a monthly challenge in a Cyber Simulator


Find your weak spot


Update your skills in training labs


Complete the challenge and confirm your skill


Simulations help you to acquire skills with the shortest time. 4 skills per month is quite enough.

  • Fast learning

    RangeForce’s Cyber Simulator is the most efficient way to learn cyber security. A realistic simulated hands-on method is by far the most appropriate way to learn something that’s always changing.

  • Up to date skills

    You are able to step against the newest threat vectors.

  • Fun

    Learning doesn’t have to be a pain - the RangeForce’s Cyber Simulator is an exciting game-based environment.

Persistent Training courses

Web Application Security course

A hands-on training for both cyber security and non-cyber security IT professionals

Course details