Cyber Siege

Cyber battle simulation for IT pro's

How it works

Cyber Siege is a game. Your mission is to defend servers of a fictional country.


Enter the game environment

When you’ll open the game, we’ll give you real servers and real networks.


Experience the attack

In a few minutes you’ll find that your systems are being attacked.


Real-time action

Now you have to act fast - open logs, find the attacks and fix the vulnerabilities.

3 simple goals

  • Discover your talent in cyber security
  • Assess your skill level
  • Have fun

Skills measurement

It is very important to know if a person has acquired the necessary skills and if that person is able to apply those skills in a real-time stressful cyber incident. The RangeForce platform allows to measure real skills.

Cyber Siege courses

Onsite Siege for teams

Hands-on competition for both cyber security and non-cyber security IT professionals.

Course details


See how a worldwide bank used the Global Siege to test their employees' skills across the globe.

Barclays Global Siege