SQL Injection

Why SQL Injection is here to stay in the OWASP Top 10

What is SQL Injection? And how can it be prevented in the year 2020? What Can Be Done To Stop OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities?

RangeForce Debuts New Cyberskills Platform to Jump Start Technical Training

RangeForce Debuts New Cyberskills Platform to Jump Start Technical Training

To help organizations gain better visibility into the readiness of their security teams and quickly build a continuous cybersecurity training program, RangeForce has launched the RangeForce Cyberskills Platform 2.0. Now enterprises can operationalize cybersecurity training with easily deployed prescriptive learning paths for all levels of security, IT and DevOps roles.

RangeForce founders

The Founding Story of RangeForce

The RangeForce founder met while working on a project to build out a Cyber Range and cyberattack simulations for the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE).

Simulation-Based Training – A Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

“By 2022, 35% of large businesses in the training and simulation industry will evaluate and adopt immersive solutions, up from less than 1% in 2019.”

How RangeForce Applies a Hackers-Mindset to Cyber Security Training: Q&A with the Head of Content Development at RangeForce

Our Head of Content Development describes the mission and role of a Cybersecurity Content Specialist at RangeForce. Here’s what he had to say.

Upskilling cyber teams

Podcast: Build & Measure Your Cyber Team’s Operational Skills

Listen to Security Boulevard’s podcast to hear how RangeForce is taking the concept of cyber range to the commercial space. Our President Gordon Lawson will discuss the technology behind RangeForce and the use cases.

An Amazing 2019 and Looking to 2020

2019 was a fantastic year of growth and success for RangeForce, and it confirms the hypotheses that we had as we worked together on the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE) Cyber Range. The hypothesis: there is a great need and value in building an affordable, simulation-based training environment for cyber defenders.

SQL Injection Isn't Going Anywhere

SQL Injection Isn’t Going Anywhere

SQL injections might sound like a thing from the past, but in actuality, it is still one of the most widely used methods of attack by hackers around the world.