March-April cybersecurity training modules

March-April Training Modules from RangeForce

March and April have been busy months for RangeForce. We released 11 new modules and have another 12 in beta getting ready for release.

RangeForce founders

The Founding Story of RangeForce

The RangeForce founder met while working on a project to build out a Cyber Range and cyberattack simulations for the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE).

How RangeForce Applies a Hackers-Mindset to Cyber Security Training: Q&A with the Head of Content Development at RangeForce

Our Head of Content Development describes the mission and role of a Cybersecurity Content Specialist at RangeForce. Here’s what he had to say.

February cybersecurity training

February Training Modules from RangeForce

Here are the new RangeForce Training Modules for February. There are some great new cyber range exercises included with everyone one of these modules so that cybersecurity pros can get hands-on training.

CVE-2020-7247: Privileged Remote Code Execution in OpenSMTPD

CVE-2020-7247: Privileged Remote Code Execution in OpenSMTPD

OpenSMTPD is the mail transfer agent (e-mail server) of the OpenBSD operating system and is also available as a ‘portable’ version for other UNIX systems, such as GNU/Linux.

Upskilling cyber teams

Podcast: Build & Measure Your Cyber Team’s Operational Skills

Listen to Security Boulevard’s podcast to hear how RangeForce is taking the concept of cyber range to the commercial space. Our President Gordon Lawson will discuss the technology behind RangeForce and the use cases.

An Amazing 2019 and Looking to 2020

2019 was a fantastic year of growth and success for RangeForce, and it confirms the hypotheses that we had as we worked together on the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE) Cyber Range. The hypothesis: there is a great need and value in building an affordable, simulation-based training environment for cyber defenders.

February cybersecurity training

January Training Modules from RangeForce

At RangeForce, we continually expand our training coverage to match the needs of cybersecurity pros. Our January release includes five new Security Operations (SOC) Track Modules. This release marks a milestone as our training module count now stands at 102 and 78 hours of training content.