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What makes RangeForce different from other learning platforms?

Rangeforce is a cloud based gamified learning space that is focused on real life hands-on practical learning experience.

  • Accessible anywhere – you can learn anywhere at any time using our cloud based virtual environment.
  • Real life based scenarios – up-to-date practical hands-on materials created by various field professionals.
  • Adaptive learning – take maximum out of your learning experience by covering topics you’re not experienced yet and leave out things you already know.
  • Monitor your progress – compare your learning progress with your friends, co-workers and other learners in the system with our user progress monitor.
  • Plan your future – customised learning path so that you could plan your career path and prioritize learning steps.

Can I create content on your platform?

Yes, we are more than happy to have new content on our site and even have a person who specifically deals with content management. Please let us know, what exactly you have in mind, by writing an e-mail at

Who can train on your platform?

We currently support 3 learning tracks with 100+ topics to support continuous learning for SOC, DevOps, WebApplication Security teams.

Can I use your system with my laptop?

Yes, you can start your selected mission in any computer that has a web browser and network connection a minimal of 3 Mb/s to get the most out of the experience.

Can I use keyboard shortcuts during module completion?

Yes, you can, but not all of them. Currently you’re not able to use Alt+Tab, because it’ll switch between your local machine’s windows instead of the virtual machine’s. Use Shift+Alt+Tab instead.

How can I copy and paste within my lab using keyboard shortcuts?

In order to copy data within the lab use the well known Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.

Now, if you wish to paste previously copied data to a terminal within your lab you should use either Ctrl+Shift+V or Shift+Insert keyboard shortcuts. Everywhere else the ordinary paste (Ctrl+V) combination works.

I’m a beginner. What should I learn first?

There are various paths you can take, but if you’re new to our system we advise you to start by taking the “Introductory mission” to get more familiar with the system and then continue with more complex missions.

Can I skip missions and go straight to the siege?

Yes, of course! Siege is meant for more advanced users who want to test their skill set with other same field specialist. If you’re one of them go straight to the battle field.

Do I have to complete all the missions?

No, you don’t. Although some of the missions are linked as a track you can easily skip the parts you’re more experienced in and move to a mission less known to you.

Can I access my missions or siege offline?

No, unfortunately you can’t. Since the system runs in a virtual environment and is cloud based you need to have internet connection to get access to the machines assigned to you during your learning process.

I accidentally crashed my server. What should I do now?

Don’t worry! Every mistake is a step closer to greater knowledge. The easiest way is to go back to user hub (, end your mission manually and start from the beginning.

How can I report a bug or a typo?

You can submit that bug or typo by writing us an e-mail at Thank you for taking the time to report a bug or a typo! We really appreciate the help.

I didn’t find my question here, what should I do now?

No worries. Until we get our community environment up and running you can always write to us. Check contacts here.

What’s the difference between a training module and a siege?

A training module, is meant for learning new hands-on practical skills with supporting theory alongside it. Training modules are suitable for users who wish to learn something new in their own pace and time.

A siege is for more advanced users who want to test out their skills and knowledge compared to other specialists working in the same field.

Can I build security modules for RangeForce CyberSkills Training platform?

Yes, you can build CTF challenges for the RangeForce Cybersecurity Program. 

With the Program, you have a unique chance to make an impact on the global cybersecurity community. You are building cybersecurity challenges, much similar to creating your own CTF, that will be used as a training tool on the RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform.

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