RangeForce at RSA: Build & Measure Your Cyber Team’s Operational Skills

The skills gap in cybersecurity is so great that it will only be closed by introducing security careers to individuals who were unaware of them or lacked access to training. RangeForce is dedicated to providing the critical skills necessary for these individuals to succeed and introducing this talent pool to global corporations.
Listen to the talk at RSA to learn how enterprises can build and measure the operationals skills of their security and IT teams.

This video will cover
  • You’ll hear how RangeForce is taking the concept of cyber range to the commercial space.
  • Learn how CISO’s and security managers can measure and improve cyber resilience utilizing ondemand advanced cyber training combined with individual and team skill assessments to quantitatively improve cyber defenses.
  • You’ll be seeing the technology behind RangeForce and the use cases.
  • Implementing a continuous learning program for your cybersecurity team.

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