Barclays Super Siege

Case study of how a worldwide bank used Global Siege to test their employee skills across the globe.

At RangeForce we understand how important cyber security is and that responsibility lies not just with security teams, but with every IT professional.

Having graduated from the Barclays Accelerator programme, we’ve been able to take great strides in our offering, ensuring we’re helping IT professionals to understand the challenges and how best to navigate them in simulated, real-time scenarios.

Developing practical Cyber Skills for IT Professionals

Most recently we were able to take Barclays employees through their cyber paces with our unique online simulations; testing their cyber security defence and creative threat fighting skills through our bespoke simulations, designed and delivered by RangeForce. The simulations took participants from across the globe through three challenging rounds with the aim of advancing their skillsets through practical, real-life scenarios.

Super Siege - Hands-on Cyber Challenges: the detail

The online simulation was designed to test and challenge participants, with the highest performers qualifying for subsequent rounds.

The qualification round began gently with multiple attempts permitted over a two-week period.

The second round saw qualifying participants defending the IT systems of a fictional country named Utopia. Each participant had access to a small pre-designed IT environment with different built- in vulnerabilities. Simulated cyber criminals started to attack that environment. The participant’s main goal was to keep all the IT services up and running and defend the infrastructure.

Twenty-eight of the best defenders were selected for the final round, which took place simultaneously around the globe over four hours.


Qualification Round

The Goal: To have fun and qualify for the second round
Duration: two weeks
Time to complete the module: 30-90 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Multiple attempts are allowed

Round 2

The Goal: Select thirty best defenders for the final round
Duration: one week
Time to complete the module: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Challenging
Standards: Based on OWASP top 10

Round 3

The Goal:A challenge for Top Defenders
Time to complete: 4 hour event, played simultaneously around the globe
Difficulty: Complex enough to surprise experts

Topics covered

OWASP, SQLi, XSS, CSRF, DOS, WAF, mod security, rootkit, IDS, Suricata, SNORT, Bro, OSSEC, nmap, KALI, Linux, SSH, DNS, IP, Cookies, SSL, shellshock

Quick Facts

742 sessions
1200+ hours of battle simulations
players from four continents
28 top guns got in final round

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